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AES is proud to serve the Northern Virginia area with quality building automation solutions to meet your every need. We pride ourselves on customer service reducing operating costs and helping to avoid downtime. 1-703-339-2112

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September 16, 1926

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At AES we offer many solutions to help you automate your building. We work with manufactures to help bring you the latest most cost effective products and services.

The INET Server from Solidyne


The INET Server is a full service Web enabled DDC Server. With support for Solidyne M2 and legacy controls, BACnet, LonWorks MODBUS and more. Web based user interface backed by the power of Microsoft Server technologies including IIS, SQL and network services. View dynamic trend logs , manage and monitor HVAC and electrical equipment from any Web connected device. Easy scheduling and space management. Can integrate with other SQL based programs such as billing and work order systems. Call for more information today.  


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